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Early Surgical Intervention After Nose Surgery

In a previous article, we discussed some of the things you should think about before deciding on a revision rhinoplasty. Today, we'll discuss a special case of revision rhinoplasty - early surgical intervention.

Early surgical intervention is defined as a corrective process that takes place within the first 12 postoperative days, before the nasal tissue becomes adherent. This is usually only done in rare cases, where the patient displays gross abnormalities or a technical problem that went unnoticed after surgery. Sometimes, these issues go unnoticed because the patient is lying flat when the doctor examines them; in other cases, the patient will take off the splint several days later and a very unsatisfactory result is seen.

In most scenarios, the surgeon will take a wait-and-see approach; as stated before, it usually takes about a year before a surgeon is willing to administer a corrective rhinoplasty. However, if there is an extreme issue noticed within the first two weeks, before the tissues fully solidify, a surgeon may want to administer an early surgical intervention.

An early surgical intervention is different from usual surgery in that in early surgical intervention there is very little cutting of the tissues. Instead, doctors simply adjust and rearrange the tissues. For this reason, the discomfort is minimal, and recovery is not significantly delayed. If your surgeon wants an early surgical intervention, as long as it's very soon after the initial surgery, don't worry. You should trust him and follow his advice. Patients often get upset in this situation, but it is really quite fortunate that the problem is noticed before it's too late.

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