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Wearing Glasses and Sunglasses After Rhinoplasty

An important concern for patients who have undergone rhinoplasty is whether they can wear their glasses. Most patients cannot live without corrective eyeglasses, and some may be allergic to contact lenses. There may be other ways for such patients to cope with their eyeglasses after rhinoplasty.

Glasses that do not rest on the nasal dorsum may be a solution to patients after rhinoplasty, as they will be much easier to deal with. However, it is okay to wear the glasses that rest on the nasal dorsum before the splint is removed (4-5 days after surgery).

Once the splint is removed after 4-5 days, glasses should stay off the nasal dorsum for approximately 6-8 weeks. Patients are advised to tape their eyeglasses to their forehead during this time, so that the eyeglasses are securely held in place. This will allow the wearer to use the glasses during hand-intensive tasks, such as driving, after rhinoplasty. For patients who are concerned about their looks, there is a device that clamps to the bottom of the eyeglasses’ rims and lets them rest on the cheeks instead of the nose. Another option that may appeal to patients are ultra-light glasses with cheek pads, which can be worn before and after surgery.

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