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A new eyeglasses model for post-rhinoplasty patients

Wearing eyeglasses after rhinoplasty is a problem faced both by patients and surgeons. The restriction of eyeglasses is recommended for several weeks to prevent any undesired deformation of the reconstructed nose. Pressure on the bridge and sides of the nose affects the aesthetic outcome for the overall healing period of osteotomized bones. This pressure may compromise the vascular supply and modify the healing process of the regenerating bones. In addition, the thin skin on the nasal bridge tends to be highly susceptible to pressure and irritation, making maceration and sores possible related complications.

Usually patients are discouraged from wearing eyeglasses. Although the use of contact lenses is an alternative method of vision correction, some patients need to wear glasses because of intolerance or controindications. This restriction can cause discomfort in work and in daily life for these patients.

We present a new eyeglasses model for post-rhinoplasty patients that enables to avoid pressure on the nasal bridge, allowing at the same time a clear vision.

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