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Most Comfortable Glasses

The wearer will avoid having painful red marks pressed into the bridge of his nose. People like their glasses to be comfortable and easy to wear. In a recent survey conducted by the Vision Council of America(VCA), 88% of people surveyed said that comfort was their first priority in choosing frames for their eyeglasses.

Even more important, having eye glasses fit properly gives the best vision correction. When eye glasses sit crookedly on, or slide down the nose, the angle of vision is changed and vision through corrective lenses is less accurate. Well fitted glasses are important for both comfort and eyesight.

The length of the temple on the frame will also influence the way eyeglasses fit. If the temples are too short, the entire frame will be pulled too close to the face, and the bridge of the eyeglasses will press painfully into the wearer’s nose. If the temples are too long, the glasses will slide down the wearer’s nose and distort his vision.

Doctor CO Eyewear fit securely on the cheek, without touching the bridge of the nose. The frames do not press into the face at any point. When the wearer moves his head, or even bends over and touches the floor, the frames stay in place.

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