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The Psychological Effects of Rhinoplasty, and How To Cope

Rhinoplasty can be a dramatic change. When someone gets rhinoplasty, they change the face they see in the mirror, and the entire world changes the way they look at them as well. This may seem like purely a good thing, but in our society where only certain aesthetically altering procedures, like getting braces, are currently socially prevalent, rhinoplasty can have some bad effects on the patient as well.

Unfortunately, many people don't think it entirely through before getting life changing surgery like rhinoplasty. When the face is changed, a person's identity can be damaged, and in human growth, a compromised identity often leads to a rebellion phase. This phenomenon is common among teenagers who experience puberty, or among middle-aged adults who experience a mid-life crisis. These issues are onset by a sudden shift in appearance and identity, and oftentimes, post-rhinoplasty patients exhibit symptoms similar to these two groups. With an identity shift, people scrutinize themselves in an intense way, and then the reality they live in. This can cause unusual behavior, so it is important to have a grounded approach throughout your recovery period.

Another factor in the identity shift is the human tendency to continously shift desire onto things they don't have. Many people who get rhinoplasty live their entire lives before surgery thinking that if they only had a "perfect" nose, all of their problems would go away and they would magically be happy. On the outside looking in, this is clearly unrealistic, and anyone who does this is clearly setting themselves up for disappointment; however, on the inside, the mind is subject to a puzzling dilemma. Some people just find a new thing to desire, and the cycle repeats itself, but in others, they continue to deny the quality of their nose, even post-surgery, and spend a large portion of their life scrutinizing and dreading a problem that doesn't exist. The former kind of person is continuously unhappy, and the latter kind causes misery to themselves and others around them.

The best way to psychologically handle a rhinoplasty is to take it for what it is; a procedure where material is added or removed to the nose to make a person breathe better or look nicer. If you want to maintain your rhinoplasty properly, be sure to use Doctor CO Eyewear.

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