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Wearing Glasses with a Broken Nose

When someone breaks their nose, and requires visionary aid, due to the resulting weakened nasal structure, it can be difficult to wear conventional glasses. For people that can’t afford to stop wearing glasses, there are four solutions commonly used; contact lenses, LASIK surgery, eyeglass suspension, and Doctor CO eyewear.

While contact lenses are a viable solution to a lot of people, many people are unable to wear contacts due to pre-existing health conditions, and others find contacts to be uncomfortable. The rising popularity of LASIK surgery makes it worth mentioning, but the treatment can be costly, and a lot of people fear the complications that can arise during surgery. Eyeglass suspension is effective, but is aesthetically undesirable, and can cause discomfort in other areas besides the nose.

This leaves us with the fourth and final option, Doctor CO eyewear. There is now eyewear being designed specifically for people with a fragile nose. This alternative eyewear is made with cheek pads instead of nose pads, so there is no pressure put on the nose. As a result, people can wear glasses with the look they have always been used to, without having to worry about damage or discomfort to the nose. This alternative to standard glasses after damage to the nose is catching on in countries with high rates of rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery on the nose, and is a pain-free alternative to glasses that is also low-cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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